The post-Christmas reading shelf

(plus a little, stray listening too large for the music shelves) It groans in weight and eager anticipation. There is no particular order, but I’ve already started The Word Detective and Dear Mr M.    

Santa Claus vs. Father Christmas

Santa Claus was the vanguard in America’s war of cultural imperialism. Who knew?!?! Mark Forsyth has an excellent piece on the origins of both Father Christmas and Santa Claus.  They are not, it turns out, one and the same, but nineteenth century, transatlantic rivals. Forsyth’s new book, A Christmas Cornucopia, is top of my own Santa […]

Not just a secret door …

… but a secret door in your library! Kurt shares some objects of desire, here. What could possibly be better?

So obvious to say, so very hard to do … @execupundit

Sage advice from Michael Wade at Execupundit: Be sure to schedule time for two things …  

A Christmas Cornucopia

A new book from Mark Forsyth, the author of The Elements of Eloquence. Already on my wish list: It will allow you to impress your friends and bore your enemies with detailed knowledge of who Good King Wenceslas was and why he wasn’t a king and wasn’t called Wenceslas and absolutely didn’t look out.

Front door of Dr Johnson's House

Dr. Johnson’s House

A couple of weeks ago, I took a planning and inspiration day. For inspiration, I took a visit to Dr Johnson’s House, one-time home of Samuel Johnson, the 18th century creator of the famous dictionary, in Gough Square on the edge if the City. Truth be told, there is little of Dr Johnson left in Gough Square. […]

The joy, power and wonder of reading

… from Nicholas Bate: “… the original not the news article puffery. Read the classics. Read difficult stuff. Read Chaucer in the original and imagine a world without the sound bite. Spend days in a good library, pulling books from shelves and reading deep, deep …”

I want to be busy too…

A fantastic study,courtesy of Kurt  

Neil Gaiman on Norse Mythology

I’m looking forward to this so much. I’ve loved Norse mythology since I was small and Look and Learn magazine (or was it World of Wonder?) ran a series on the Norse gods. Neil Gaiman’s brilliantly imagined American Gods reintroduced me as, of course did the Marvel films. His book on the mythology is out in […]

The neuroscience of memorable messages

Way back in June, I spotted this on Michael Wade’s Execupundit blog. It took me until last week to sit down and watch it, however. But, I was so impressed, I’m currently reading Carmen Simon’s book Impossible to Ignore. Anyway responsible for crafting memorable messages should find the video worth a watch: This is the book […]

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