Surely not! “Maybe the guitar is over” – #guitar

MusicRadar / Total Guitar headlines its article with a quote from Eric Clapton: “Maybe the guitar is over”. However, beneath the slightly unfair quote, it reports: “The WP article quotes data gathered by Music Trades magazine that indicates a 19% (approx.) fall in revenue at Fender, from $675 million to $545 million, with Gibson down by a […]

Classic Dr. Feelgood

The classic Brilleaux / Johnson line-up on home turf: I prefer the later, Gypie Mayo line-up but there’s no denying the raw energy of the original. The band’s site is here.

Jerry Garcia’s Wolf – @gratefuldead

The BBC reports that Wolf, one of Garcia’s distinctive custom-built guitars is coming up for auction

Inside the song – @Fender

Sultans of Swing, Smoke on the Water, With or Without You? All recorded with Fender Strats. I’ve just discovered this seemingly ad hoc series on the site: Inside the Song. Each post looks inside an iconic song recorded with a Fender guitar, with interviews, performances and recordings. Ones I’ve enjoyed so far: Sultans of Swing […]

Making Movies (on location, she don’t know it means)

Kurt’s Cultural Offering recommends Dire Straits third album, Making Movies, here. I’d heartily support that. I saw the band on that tour with Hal Lindes on rhythm guitar. I guess they looked a bit like this … I remember that gorgeous red Schecter Strat and Hal Lindes’ white one.

Imelda May, Black Tears @ImeldaOfficial

I’ve been a fan since I heard her on some of Jeff Beck’s work, but Imelda May’s new single is simply superb. Beck plays guitar on studio version, but not on this live video…

Brand Loyalty?

Michael Wade’s (Execupundit) post on Brand Loyalty got me thinking. Like him, I find I have very few absolute loyalties in the things I give any thought too. All I can think of are: Fender J Herbin, and The Economist On things I give very little thought too, the list is longer – and probably […]

The stories I’m told

I love my work. A large part of what I do is story-telling, and when those stories are customer case studies, I get to talk to my clients’ customers about their businesses, their challenges and their passions. Some of those are not my tales to tell here. They involve the use of clients’ products or […]

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

Rainbow rising … #RitchieBlackmore

Here’s the reconstituted, 2016, Rainbow in one of their three live concerts. I’ve been listening to the live album that’s just been released (Memories in Rock – Live in Germany) and it’s excellent.  

Page Plant, When the Levee Breaks

Page and Plant, via The Hammock Papers. I love this! If, in a parallel world, the Blues had been born in England, rock’n’roll would look and sound like this. Not necessarily a  bad thing. Performed in what looks like a Welsh slate quarry, owned by a beautifully bemused dog… It reminds me of a similarly bucolic Roy Harper […]

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