Counterfeit Chic and Genuine Fakes – Britannica Blog

I have been musing about W.F. Hogarth’s article for a week now.  The whole incident speaks volumes, mostly unpleasant, about our society and culture.  I think there are three intertwined issues here. Firstly, and addressing Hogarth’s closing point and the comments left by a reader, there is a very real criminal aspect to the manufacture and sale of counterfeit watches […]

Windows Live Writer

Just downloaded the new Windows Live Writer tool for creating blogs.  Previously, I had been using Word 2007 but I’m attracted by the ability here to embed photos within the text: and also to add Tags (as below). Apparently, I can also add maps as above, which is very cool and also gives me a […]


Just some rambling on the art I posted in the Photos section. The Japanese print is, Chigusano Hano by Terukata (if I’ve read the hand-writing correctly) and was printed in 1902. I picked it up the first time I went to Tokyo from a place in Harajuku. Harajuku is famous now for the outlandish fashions […]

Thoughts on Language, Shakespeare and Flickering Man

I recently read Shakespeare’s Henry V, the first Shakespeare I’ve read in many, many years. What a revelation. Everything you need to know about leadership, about war and about cynical, political manipulation is reflected in this work from over 400 years ago and yet, it could have been written yesterday. I was struck by how […]

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

At last. I’ve just taken delivery of "I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead – The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon". I can’t wait to get into it having just read, at work, the Carl Hiaasen’s excellent, touching Foreword. It’s now top of my To Read list and risks displacing my ploughing through The Fortune […]

Developing The Future

I was privileged to attend the recent launch of "Developing The Future", the second annual report concerning the outlook for the UK’s IT economy sponsored by Microsoft and written, this year, with the British Computing Society; City University, London and intellect. Appropriately enough, the event was held in the splendid and hallowed halls of the […]


I find Istanbul fascinating and it’s one of those cities which – having been there on business four or five times now – I have always wanted to return to for some leisure and exploring time. It’s a city of contrasts, contradictions and chaos. It’s not really European but it’s not really Asian either. My […]

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