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Just downloaded the new Windows Live Writer tool for creating blogs.  Previously, I had been using Word 2007 but I’m attracted by the ability here to embed photos within the text: strat005

and also to add Tags (as below).

Apparently, I can also add maps as above, which is very cool and also gives me a reason to talk about Microsoft’s Virtual Earth.  I hadn’t looked at this since shortly after it was launched and last week I was truly surprised.  I can print directions on a blended map/aerial view which can take me from my silver car down there all the way to Domino’s Pizza in the local shopping centre – what more could you want?  More impressive – and perhaps a shade Big Brotherly (in the Orwellian, not cheap, voyeuristic TV, sense) for the paranoid, it is also the power behind the global Visitor Map on my site here.  So, if you’re the visitor who lives just off E CR-2090, a couple of miles from the Kingsville Naval Air Station in Kleberg, Texas…I know where you live.  Or at least, I know where your server lives, :-).  Not only that, but I can see what the neighbours’ gardens look like.

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