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All over so soon.  Just back from a wonderful two weeks on Lake Garda.  We stayed right at the north end of the lake, in Riva del Garda, which is very beautiful.  The northern end of the lake is relatively narrow and very deep with the mountains plunging straight down into the lake.  In the mornings, the rising sun opens up secret valleys and hollows across the mountain-sides. In the evenings, if you are lucky, the thunder echoes around the valley and lightning paints the sky violet.

The narrow streets of the old town twist and cobble their way down to the harbour with its Scaligeri castle and ancient clock tower. Cappuccino in the mornings watching the boats come in, espresso in the afternoon beneath a sun-shade, chilled Trentino wine in the evening as the locals come out to promenade and the clown squeaks and squeals with the children in the Piazza Tre Novembre.

Lake Garda 045

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