Inspired by Steve Clayton’s blog on the subject, I’ve been playing with Photosynth from the Microsoft Live Labs.  It’s a very cool tool which generates flowing 3d images from a series of flat shots.  Almost impossible to describe, it’s well worth an explore.  Aside from digital tourism, I can see plenty of applications including collectors , buyers and sellers.  Imagine offering one of these 3d tours of your wonderful merchandise on eBay.

For my first attempt, I took about 80 shots of one of my guitars (what else).  The finished effect – photographic quality aside – is very impressive.  I can see where I missed taking some critical "linkage" shots which would have rendered an even more impressive 3d tour.  You will also see that I perhaps should have righted the portrait angle shots before uploading them.  Imagine what a decent photographer could achieve with this.

Fender Strat 003

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