Small Epiphanies


Sometimes the smallest things have a disproportionate impact.  I’m currently delighting in a change of guitar pick (or plectrum).  For many years, I’ve used Fender Medium tortoise-shell picksFender 351 Celluloid Shell Pick .  However, I read a comment in this month’s Guitarist magazine which prompted me to experiment with a heavier type.  The local music store didn’t stock Fender so I forsook my beloved tortoise-shell effect and opted for the same shape in a Jim Dunlop Tortex pickJim Dunlop Tortex Standard.  After some experimentation, I’ve settled on the 1.0mm (such precision) thick version in the picture.

The impact has been really surprising.  I find my picking is much faster and more precise and I’m "digging in" more for a crisper, biting, bluesy tone.

So there you go, a huge improvement (from a shockingly low base) for 33p.

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