“Easily Turn-Off-and-On-Able”

Sage words from Frank the Tortoise in the first of the classic Creature Comfort ads in the YouTube link here (but the others are worth enjoying too)…   It’s a slogan which should be adopted by the interim management industry.  It perfectly encapsulates why interim management is becoming ever more popular both with employers and […]

Pirates, Nazis and Activists

…all jolly dashing in their own, romantically mythologised way. I have been following the Pirate Bay case only detachedly, eagerly awaiting a judgement and the following analysis without wading through daily courtroom drama.  Everyone instinctively loves “free” and freedom fighters battling against big corporates and evil empires.  Too few consider ,or offer solutions for, the […]

A Lament for the Lost Texts of Record Sleeves

Just a follow-up to my previous note on digital downloads.  The loss runs deeper than I, at first, thought.  Much of my musical education came via record sleeves.  From the song-writing credits of Eric Clapton’s Slowhand album, I found J.J. Cale and John Martyn; from the Grateful Dead’s American Beauty (what an album!!), I came […]

Getting my Socks Wet in the Digital, Musical Rubicon

It’s not exactly an epiphany, and I can’t yet claim to have crossed the Rubicon, but maybe I enjoyed the sensation of getting my socks wet, dabbling my toes in that surging torrent of musical bits and bytes (can you hear the muffled screams of tortured metaphor, yet?  Maybe you haven’t downloaded it yet.) Some […]

Shoebox 360

Great name, great concept!  I’m currently playing with the Release Candidate of shoebox360, a new photo-sharing concept about to be released by the consumer arm of Alistair Baker’s Cogent Enterprise.  Apparently only 5% of photographs taken at a family event (like a wedding, christening etc) are shared with the people whose event it was; all […]

John Martyn

I was sad to hear that John Martyn had passed away.  He was a unique voice and talent and will be missed. I first came to Martyn via Eric Clapton’s cover of May You Never on the Slowhand album.  From there, by way of the slightly unreliable portal of Deletion Records (High Street, Nairn – […]

Thomas Blug – Leave of Absence

  I’m currently in awe of this very, very fine German guitarist, Thomas Blug having just received his latest cd from Germany.     I first came across him in a guitar magazine and it’s taken me a little while to get round to tracking down his music (Amazon don’t stock it) which you can get from […]

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