Shoebox 360

Great name, great concept! 

I’m currently playing with the Release Candidate of shoebox360, a new photo-sharing concept about to be released by the consumer arm of Alistair Baker’s Cogent Enterprise.  Apparently only 5% of photographs taken at a family event (like a wedding, christening etc) are shared with the people whose event it was; all those memories, all those candid, unguarded moments, all those pickled aunties lost to posterity … or to the shoebox under the bed, hence the name.  Shoebox360 is unique because it’s designed for people to share (securely, so auntie is saved from an inadvertent expose on Facebook) their memories of family events.  Currently, you can sign-up for a no-cost trial account which I’ve been playing with and I just love the photo-wall concept…


…which lets you scroll 360 degrees around a wall of all the photographs uploaded. 

Having signed up for a created your “event”, you can email a secure URL to all your friends and family for them to upload their own images and comment on yours.


There are a few bugs being fixed currently but the site is pretty sound.  You can read the shoebox360 team’s own view of the product here.

I hope it does well.  It’s an elegant solution for sharing memories and preserving those special moments.

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