The Osmosis of Sound

Just before Christmas, I installed one of the new Sonos S5 zone-players in our dining room, thus expanding the reach of music through the house.  Now, the beauty of Thomas Blug’s Blue Valley can snake after me across the house or the Grateful Dead’s irrepressible Bertha can shake every room in unison. The sound-quality from […]

Fabian Perez

I’ve just discovered the Argentinian artist, Fabian Perez and in particular, this painting: Tinto II. In general, Perez’ art in mostly of shady men and beautiful women although he has some other themes including Venice, bullfights, flamenco and wine, all evocatively Latin, and Japan, where he lived for a year.  This picture is currently released […]

Free – The Future of a Radical Price

I have just finished Chris Anderson’s latest book which explores the impact of the digital world on the price we pay (think advertising-funded Google, obviously, but also everything from free samples to counterfeit handbags).  It’s a nicely written narrative and a thought-provoking subject but somehow, I’m not entirely convinced. In places, Anderson’s arguments are over-extended […]

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