Rain on the Streets

Sometimes you get stopped in your tracks by how good something completely unexpected is. 

Such is the case with this.  Raymond O’Hare is a colleague from

Microsoft days who I always knew was a talented musician (and in fact I sold my first Fender Strat to him when I swapped to another guitar (in sensible days when I hadn’t amassed too many guitars)).  I also recall now that he wrote songs but I had never heard any of them.

Here they are.  And I am struck by how good they are.  There are shades of Steve Harley (and a dash of Jim Cregan-y guitar), James Taylor and even early Chris de Burgh (the melodic pre Flying Colours stuff) or Year of the Cat era Al Stewart.  There are other splashes in there I can’t quite put my finger on.  Suffice to say it is astonishingly good.

Put on your most mellow screen-saver and chill out…


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