Business of Life + Life of Business

I’m enjoying Nicholas Bate’s recently refreshed (I think) blog.  A couple of favourite posts: The Forgotten Fifty On Rituals Business with stillness and humanity.

Pressure and the Portfolio Life

“Stress doesn’t kill us – but it makes everything that does kill us much worse.”  Jonah Lehrer This month’s Wired magazine (US version) includes a fascinating article, “Under Pressure” by Jonah Lehrer which explores different aspects of stress.  The article is not on the online copy yet but is well worth a look when it […]

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics (again)

The news was full of this, yesterday: “only 11% of the police are visibly available to the public” at any time.  It’s a quote from the press release announcing the new “Valuing the Police” report published by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary.  The inference is clear: that the other 89% must be wasting their time […]

Blue Fins and Green Smoke

This rather cool and dynamic picture of James at his recent Development Meet… …was taken by a fellow parent, equally suffering in the unbearable heat but disproportionately talented in the photographic field.  Take a look at Saravanan’s photoblog.  I love this image which seems to me like an ethereal, female minotaur … or something but […]

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