An essential cog in the business wheel

Interesting article from on growth in the interim manager segment.  It is no surprise that in periods of uncertainty and for situations of re-structuring, start-up (and wind-down), firms are turning to skilled short-term resource.  Like the tortoise said, it’s “easily turn off and on-able”


More soon, but I have just been migrated to WordPress following Microsoft’s decision to retire its Spaces platform. I’m just getting to grips with it but I like it so far.

Tax Problems

I was interested to hear Conservative MP Michael Fallon’s comments on the HMRC system with regard to the six million people who are about to receive adjusted tax calculations following errors in HMRC’s calculations.  The underlying problem is, apparently, that the system which calculates the tax liabilities of individuals was designed for the old world […]

Warren Zevon on YouTube

Because my blog has been a Warren-free zone for too long, here are a couple of great performances which neatly book-end his career. Mohammed’s Radio was an early classic performed here on the Old Grey Whistle Test with Jackson Browne:   And this rather auto-biographical tale comes from near the end:

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