‘Interim managers work fast – there are bound to be mistakes’

An unfortunate title, but another interesting article (this time from the FT)  on the growing maturity of the market for Interim Managers.

The final section of the piece begins to allude to what will be a growing issue as the proportion of interim / contract / consultant / portfolio workers within organisations grow: that of reputation.  How can organisations be assured of the quality of the individuals being engaged?  Personal contacts and networks will be important but limited in breadth.  Agencies will become more important but will need to evolve their model to provide more professional and in-depth services to both sides of the equation (organisations and individuals).  Professional bodies and associations (the equivalent of old-fashioned guilds”) will also rise.  The FT article mentions the IMA although the Institute of Interim Management (IIM) has grown quickly in size and professionalism.  Other bodies like the FSB, IoD (who produced a fact sheet on Interim Management in February) etc, along with the bodies representing each profession (CIMA, CIM etc) will also doubtless rise to the requirement as well, although there has been little sign to date.

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