The 1-Man Band Personal Operating Protocol 7 – Nicholas Bate

I particularly liked this post from Nicholas Bate.  It may need a crisper re-branding πŸ™‚ but it makes for a great personal credo for all freelance professionals, portfolio careerists and sovereign individuals:


  1. β€œI will do an outstanding job, whatever.
  2. I will stay super-well. When I get tired and/or stressed I start to hate my job, the world and myself.
  3. I will be selective and constantly ask: who do I really want to work with?
  4. I will accept no cr*p from clients. At all. Ever.
  5. I will write to develop my thinking. Books, particularly published books, are a happy accidental by-product.
  6. I will be determined to get into the top 10% of my niche, then top 1% them top 0.1%.
  7. I will price my services and solutions and products to allow continuous investment in me and consequently my new solutions, products and services.”

It’s all there: look after yourself, look after your value, look after your reputation.

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