Bad Meetings: Time, Money, Paper, Soul – SalesCrunch

Everyone hates bad meetings but too often corporate life consists of back to back meetings from 9 to 6.  You fit in your real work in the evenings and early mornings.

This neat infographic from SalesCrunch gives some numbers that should give pause for thought to meeting-junkies: $1,100 per hour?  10 hours to create a deck that 75% will never read?

Powerful, persuasive stuff…

(Hat-tip to Prospero’s World for flagging this)

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Thanks for sharing this Andrew! Check out as well if you’d like to help spread the word on how NOT to suck at meetings. We’re officially launching it on Monday (4/9/12)! Thanks!

And here’s the link to our (parodic) infographic announcing the launch of, hot off the press:

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