A Place to Work

The rise of the Sovereign Professional and the increased popularity of flexible working free many from the vast and barren open-plan prairies.  However, once untethered from the corporate work-place, erstwhile prairie-dogs need to address the challenge of where to work now.

The joy of independent work is being able to pitch your laptop anywhere and deliver some value: over an early morning cappuccino in Costa, a stolen fifteen minutes on the train or an inspired moment in a sun-dappled forest.  However, a free-lance still needs his (or her) castle – somewhere to spread thoughts and papers and, most importantly, to work undisturbed.

 Cultural Offering’s checklist for an effective home study is a great place to start.

I can tick most of the boxes…

Study 005

pens 001Kittens 001

  • Comfortable seating – check. 
  • Varied lighting – check, but realising there is a price to pay for running two PCs, screens, printer, sound equipment and halogen spotlights in a confined space Sad smile.
  • Busts of the dead – well, I have Jerry; not exactly a bust, but definitely Dead. Study 009
  • Table space – check, but need more, and more shelf space and more wall-space and more space in general.  The existing bookcase will shortly acquire glass doors to double as a project wall.
  • Art – check.

A place to think, create, work: essential.

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What a great work space, Andrew. I need to find a way to get my CDs down to my office.

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