Blue Valley – Thomas Blug

Happy Friday!! I’ve just discovered that one of my favourite pieces of music is online: Thomas Blug’s Blue Valley. Blug is a German guitar player who combines blues, jazz, rock and (sadly, occasionally) euro-pop in his mostly instrumental work. He has a feel that comes close to the mighty Jeff Beck and a tone that […]

Five Favourite Books

Catching up on some tweets (that’s surely not how it’s meant to work), I see that Kurt Harden over at Cultural Offering invited me to join a project to list my five favourite books and nominate five bloggers to do the same. A tough call but here’s a list – in no particular order – […]

Start Up Kits, take your pick – Nicholas Bate

Choose from this exciting range of business start-up kits from Nicholas Bate: The Oh-So-Tempting Start Up Kit 7 The Let’s-Get-Real Start Up Kit 7 Choose wisely… Technorati Tags: Nicholas Bate,Strategic Edge,Business Start Up,Sovereign Professional,Interim Management,Freelancing,Portfolio Career

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