Three Kinds of Bad Data

To be effective in influencer or content marketing, you need proof-points.  You need to nail your tale with memorable nuggets, compelling case studies and robust research. Sadly, a lot of material is let down by data abuse that ranges from a lazy neglect of context through to the levels of systematic torture required to extract […]

Writing Advice from Ray Bradbury

Great advice for budding writers from Ray Bradbury. Talking to Point Loma Nazarene University, via, via Technorati Tags: Ray Bradbury,Writing,Cultural Offering

3 Questions Content Producers Must Answer –

Thought-provoking advice from Productive Flourishing’s Charlie Gilkey (@CharlieGilkey) over on copyblogger. Gilkey’s assertion is that – to some degree – content marketers are teachers and as such we should approach our work from that perspective, answering three questions: Where are you taking your students? What’s the first thing they need to learn (and then the […]

The Font of Frugality

Fascinating research unearthed by Matthew Stibbe on the HP Business Answers site. Changing font has a material impact on your printing costs.  If, like me, you still tend to print a lot of your work out for proofing (yes, Luddite I know) – and you find yourself bemused at the frequency with which you change […]

Autumn Leaves – Simply Beautiful

Kurt at Cultural Offering finds an elegant autumn colour wheel…   Technorati Tags: Autimn Leaves,Cultural Offering,Kurt Harden,Things Organised Neatly

Cogent Healthcare Systems

It’s great to see this project go live. I recently created the copy for this web-site.  Cogent are the UK’s fastest growing telehealth company and they are doing some inspiring work in what is an inevitable growth area for society: the management of long-term health conditions. I did the words but the site was designed […]

iPhones for Educators

Here’s a great list of creative uses for smartphones in education from, a site that lists universities and colleges (in the US as far as I can see) offering degrees through online courses. Flexible and distance learning is going to grow at a huge rate in the coming years and it will be interesting […]

Did the earth move for you? – Dizziness and Balance Week

This week is Dizziness and Balance Awareness Week in the UK.  More info is available from the Meniere’s Society on Facebook, website or Twitter (@MenieresSociety). I thought I would celebrate by sharing this study: Morbidity in Meniere’s Disease by Anne Charlotte Hessen Soderman. A fellow trustee, David Riches, pointed me towards it and it’s an […]

Macchu Picchu – Patrick Latter

Another fantastic image from Canadian photographer, Patrick Latter.  This place is high on my To Do / To See list.  You can order copies of the print from Patrick’s site… Technorati Tags: Patrick Latter,Macchu Picchu,Photography

Bring Your Own Device

Just an update to my workplace post the other day. Some new (UK) research on the prevalence and impact of BYOD: top execs and younger staff want it; it makes staff happier and (presumably) more productive but IT managers are very wary of the cost and security implications; more on The Register. Technorati Tags: Technology,BYOD,Consumerisation […]

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