Business Etiquette 101 – Cultural Offering

I love this guide to business etiquette from Kurt Harden at

So simple, so true:

  1. Listen – Nothing is more polite or productive than listening to what customers and coworkers say.
  2. Think – Thinking will allow you politely solve many problems.
  3. Act – Emerson said “every natural action is graceful”.
  4. Be polite – To the receptionist, to person on the phone, to the person in line. Always be polite and spread the good example.
  5. Be prepared – Review, research, read, prepare. Is there anything more impolite than showing up unprepared?
  6. Be early – Five or ten minutes early says “this meeting is important and so are you.”

More here.

Especially important for the freelancer and sovereign professional: first impressions count and are remembered.


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