Trappist Tuesday for increased productivity–Bad Language

Matthew Stibbe, on Bad Language has some insights and suggestions on the impact of office noise.

I rather like the idea of Trappist Tuesdays in which no-one talks for the day.

He also suggests avoiding lyric-heavy music which I find works for me.  If deep focus is called for, I usually rely on some Jeff Beck or Thomas Blug.

Another possibility is a free iOS app called Study that plays soundscapes.  I’m playing with it now (thanks for the steer, Matthew) but my opinion is somewhere between ambient music and 1970’s meditation tape.  Maybe it will grow on me.

The serious point is that noise distracts, destroys concentration and drains you whether it’s the result of massed conversations or the simple aggregation of PC fans, printers and defective lighting.

Bring some silence into your working day.

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