Mock turtles and email omissions

The BBC’s website applies some historical tips on letter-writing to the world of email. Lewis Carroll’s advice on attachments and enclosures rings down the years and in my ears… “”leave off writing for a moment – go and get the document referred to – and put it into the envelope. Otherwise, you are pretty certain […]

A thousand images… #writing

From Eclecticity Light…

Neither wabi nor sabi

The simple beauty of Nicholas Bate’s observation, here, reminded me of this… My image enjoys decidedly less wabi-sabi than Nicholas’.

Attribution Angst –

It’s always a business writer’s dilemma: whether to clutter your copy with citations or risk the opprobrium of plagiarism. Clare Dodd over at Bad Language offers some insight, here.                 Image credit: brat82 / 123RF Stock Photo

Goldilocks Headlines @outbrain

Another interesting analysis of just what makes us click from Outbrain. This time, they look at the length of headlines to find that the optimal length is not too short and not too long. What surprises me here is how long the Goldilocks headline actually is: between 16 and 18 words.         […]

Monomyth and the Writer’s Journey

From Esoteric Online via, here’s a great summary of Joseph Campbell’s “Monomyth”, the heart of storytelling. The article also includes a description of each stage. Campbell discussed the concept at length in The Hero With a Thousand Faces. Christopher Vogler applies the concept more squarely to the writer’s task in The Writer’s Journey.

How to find and follow your passion – Nicholas Bate

Everyone tells you to follow your passion and dreams … … but no-one tell s you how. Exactly what does that mean? How do I find my passion in the first place? Nicholas Bate offers the answer, here.

How to live and learn

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Ghandi Sage advice for the new world of work.

Negative headlines are 30 per cent better – @outbrain

Sad but seemingly true.  I just came across this July 2013 post from’s Alex Bennett based on their analysis of 65,000 paid links.  Titles containing negative superlatives had 30 per cent higher click-through rates than those with no superlative.  Titles with containing positive superlatives had, with a neat symmetry, 29 per cent fewer click-throughs. […]

Work Reimagined – @dcoplin

RSA Animate have built one of their engaging animations on top of a talk by Microsoft’s Dave Coplin. Anyone interested in the future of work should take nine minutes out to watch this: The world of work is changing along three dimensions: time, place and contract (or relationship).  This video does a great job of […]

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