Autumn Birch

Autumn birch A precious morning moment Of gold leaf and silver staff Before November wind Strips it to the bare black murmuration Of winter.

For writers, the business beyond the art. #writing

After the blood, toil, tears and sweat of bringing your art to its final form, how do you get it onto people’s bookshelves? Nicholas Bate offers 7 ways to increase the chances of being published:     7. Show that you understand that you will own 95% of the selling and marketing of your book post publication. […]

You, Only Better – Nicholas Bate

I’ve enjoyed Nicholas Bate’s work for a number of years and this book is a definite high point. The combination of text and drawings is beautifully engaging and the book accomplishes that rare feat of being both theoretically sound and intensely practical. Where many books exhort you to follow your dreams and passions, You, Only […]

An irrational fear of the uncouth?

Apparently that’s not what this means. Execupundit further enriches our vocabulary: “The journalist’s oikophobia made her comfortable in every country but her own.”

Random Thoughts from @execupundit

… are here. Well worth a ponder. Some favourites: One lingering lesson from Army “escape and evade” training: Movement gets noticed. … Good leaders know what to remember and what to forget. … You can tell a lot about an organization by learning how many mediocre executives are tolerated.

Reflections on Majesty

From Apricots and Apples, via Madame Scherzo

The Fairy Tale Business Plan

Once upon a time … Every day … the world did these things, in this way. It had these problems and this opportunity. One day … we had this idea, we created this solution, we developed this advantage. Because of that … we have this business model. We have this sales & marketing strategy. Because […]

Machiavellian musings

This from The Appendix, via Kurt at Cultural Offering. 500 years ago, almost exactly (10th December 1513), Nicolo Machiavelli wrote of his love of reading: “When evening has come, I return to my home and I go into my study. At the threshold, I take off my clothes of the day, which are covered in […]

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