Are you a collector of ideas?

How can you resist Penguin Books’ fantastic collection of Great Ideas mini-books? A few years ago I replaced my copy of Macchiavelli’s The Prince with this imprint.  Little did I know that, now in Series 5, the collection runs to 100 individual volumes embracing John Stuart Mills, Seneca, Churchill, Jonathan Swift, Darwin, George Orwell, Lenin, […]

Why are so many blog headlines stated as questions? – @rogerdooley

Does the always valuable Roger Dooley have the answer here? Is it related to our favourite topic on neuromarketing?  Yes, indeed.

On tech startups and the Economist – Daniel Isenberg

The Economist’s Schumpeter column, online, publishes this critical comment on its recent special report. Isenberg’s considered and well-reasoned critique argues that the Economist overstates any distinction between “tech startups” and other forms – “Today, every business venture, entrepreneurial or otherwise, requires technology to be competitive, whether it is diamond trading, transportation, construction, or energy.” He […]

Welcome to someday – Cultural Offering and Compuserve

Cultural Offering unearths the future…

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