Shakespeare and Company, Paris

From Book Mania!, this pic of the wonderfully ramshackle, chaotic Shakespeare & Co. in Paris.  I was there a couple of weeks ago and it’s delightful: upstairs, between the bookshelves are beds, typewriters and a piano.  In a tiny, open-windowed room overlooking the Seine and Notre-Dame, a small group were sharing a poetry reading.  In […]

Commas. Because they have purpose.

Found on Mme Scherzo.

Write a Mission Statement

From Vala Afshar, via Kurt at Cultural Offering … Just horribly true.

Fantasy Brain Trust – Pick seven

Michael Wade at execupundit has a great exercise: from his pool of great leaders and thinkers, who would you choose for your fantasy private brain trust? I’m no nearer picking my seven, but would offer the following as additions to the pool: William Shakespeare John Stuart Mill John Kao Niccolo Machiavelli

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