Books, as far as the eye can see…

The Norrington Room, Blackwell’s bookshop, Oxford.   “The Norrington Room is one of the largest and most famous bookselling rooms in the world.  Opened in 1966 and named after Sir Arthur Norrington, then President of Trinity College, the room extends beneath the college’s quad.”

The right word – @execupundit

Michael Wade offers sage advice on the importance of word, pace and tone.  Note the warning!  

I am what I read

Two interesting posts… In The Medium is the Moral, Nicholas Carr debates the extent to which we surrender our morality to technology. In Is Google Making the Web Stupid? Seth Godin reflects on the unintended consequences of our reliance on a search algorithm that must be purposed to driving revenue. Both remind me of a […]

It usually begins with Ayn Rand – @asi

Here’s a nicely considered piece on the impact and appeal of Ayn Rand, from the Adam Smith Institute’s Eamonn Butler. I trudged (and trudged and trudged) my way through Atlas Shrugged.  It’s maybe a thousand pages too long and, as Eamonn comments, no work of great literature but it has an appealing kernel that’s inspired a couple of […]

Be Bold 101 – Nicholas Bate

For fans of Nicholas Bate – or those in need of a perky reminder – James Tomalin has turned the Be Bold 101 mini-book into a mini-movie… Definitely worth five minutes of your time.

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