Caution – @Execupundit

When talk is equated with action. When effort is equated with results. When equality trumps merit. … It all sounds horribly familiar.  Read the full list, here, and tremble.

Like vs. Respect #socialmedia #contentmarketing

An important reminder from Nicholas Bate: “There is like: for friendships. And there is respect: for business.” The rest, here.

Essential Mixes – #DeepPurple

After some Twitter prodding, Cultural Offering’s Kurt Harden persuaded me to add a Deep Purple list to his impressive collection of Essential Mixes: And The Address, Shades of Deep Purple, 1968 Hush, Shades of Deep Purple, 1968 Hard Road (Wring That Neck), Book of Taliesyn, 1968 Speed King, In Rock, 1970 Child In Time, In […]

Blogs to make you smarter

I’m flattered and humbled to be included in Kurt’s list of favourite bloggers. I’m also guilted into action.  Expect an increase in nonsense from my corner.

Analog(ue) Sunday – Cultural Offering

This just sounds idyllic, Kurt Harden’s Analog Sunday: “Brisket on the smoker.  Pink Floyd on the stereo.  Not a thing on the television or computer.  Unplugged …” The rest, here.


I love this little observation from Execupundit: “Perhaps” may be weak when spoken but it is powerful when silent.

A story-finding process – #contentmarketing

Here’s a neat infographic from Imagination setting out a process to help organisations find and tell their stories …  

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