Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

Rainbow rising … #RitchieBlackmore

Here’s the reconstituted, 2016, Rainbow in one of their three live concerts. I’ve been listening to the live album that’s just been released (Memories in Rock – Live in Germany) and it’s excellent.  

Not just a secret door …

… but a secret door in your library! Kurt shares some objects of desire, here. What could possibly be better?

Echoes through time: Civilisation is built on the practice of keeping promises

Civilisation is built on the practice of keeping promises. It may not sound a high attainment, but if trust in its observance be shaken the whole structure cracks and sinks. Any constructive effort and all human relations, personal, political and commercial, depend on being able to depend on promises. B.H.Liddell Hart (1895 – 1970), The […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my American friends! It’s such a great tradition. Thank you for your friendship and support through the year.  

Page Plant, When the Levee Breaks

Page and Plant, via The Hammock Papers. I love this! If, in a parallel world, the Blues had been born in England, rock’n’roll would look and sound like this. Not necessarily a  bad thing. Performed in what looks like a Welsh slate quarry, owned by a beautifully bemused dog… It reminds me of a similarly bucolic Roy Harper […]

So obvious to say, so very hard to do … @execupundit

Sage advice from Michael Wade at Execupundit: Be sure to schedule time for two things …  

Matt Ridley on an ice-free Arctic Ocean and much more

I’ve long been a fan of Matt Ridley’s column in the Times, so I don’t know I didn’t think to find his blog before now. Here it is. Here’s his excellent piece on the Arctic Ocean and evidence that it was ice free in the past: This was a period known as the “early Holocene […]

Rock and roll rhetoric: Sunday Bloody Sunday

  Sunday bloody Sunday Sunday bloody Sunday Sunday bloody Sunday Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2 Simple, but effective, even without the political resonances of the famous Bloody Sunday. The Greek term is diacope and it describes repeating a word with another word (or words) in between to add emphasis. Thus: Sunday bloody Sunday Burn baby burn (disco […]

Devilishly persuasive #writing

The wicked ways of copywriters, according to ABC Copywriting’s Tom Albrighton. This was originally written for Halloween but, being a tad late, I’m re-purposing it for Black Friday and Christmas. Among his highlights: Psychologist Bertram Forer gave a group of students what they thought was a personal profile, but was in fact a list of […]

A Christmas Cornucopia

A new book from Mark Forsyth, the author of The Elements of Eloquence. Already on my wish list: It will allow you to impress your friends and bore your enemies with detailed knowledge of who Good King Wenceslas was and why he wasn’t a king and wasn’t called Wenceslas and absolutely didn’t look out.

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