Greg Lake, I believe in Father Christmas

I believe in Father Christmas

This via the excellent Hammock Papers … Greg Lake, of course, passed away this December. I remember watching the video – all deserty and not at all like real Christmas – when I was a kid.

The power of parliamentary assertiveness, reformation radicalism and Lockean liberalism – Michael Gove

Michael Gove has a thoughtful column in today’s Times (requires free registration). It echoes an argument I’ve heard in a few places over recent months; broadly that we – the liberal, democratic, West – need to be prepared to assert and defend our beliefs. Indeed, need to assert that these are our deep-rooted and long-standing […]

I want a tank, too!

Via Anderson Layman’s blog. What other reason do you need?

The cost of climate change policy – @mattwridley

Matt Ridley has posted his Times column on the cost and consequences of the government’s ill-conceived climate policy, here. It doesn’t really matter where you stand on climate change –  unreal, real and devastating or real but not actually cataclysmic – no-one is ever served by bad policy, founded on poor analysis and dishonestly presented: […]

Brand Loyalty?

Michael Wade’s (Execupundit) post on Brand Loyalty got me thinking. Like him, I find I have very few absolute loyalties in the things I give any thought too. All I can think of are: Fender J Herbin, and The Economist On things I give very little thought too, the list is longer – and probably […]

Santa Claus vs. Father Christmas

Santa Claus was the vanguard in America’s war of cultural imperialism. Who knew?!?! Mark Forsyth has an excellent piece on the origins of both Father Christmas and Santa Claus.  They are not, it turns out, one and the same, but nineteenth century, transatlantic rivals. Forsyth’s new book, A Christmas Cornucopia, is top of my own Santa […]

Honoured, humbled, chastened and inspired

Many heartfelt thanks to Kurt at Cultural Offering for including me on his list of “25 Blogs Guaranteed to Make You Smarter.” I hope to do better. I aim to be more regular. I aspire to be smarter. In the meantime, check out the others on the list.

The stories I’m told

I love my work. A large part of what I do is story-telling, and when those stories are customer case studies, I get to talk to my clients’ customers about their businesses, their challenges and their passions. Some of those are not my tales to tell here. They involve the use of clients’ products or […]

The Fox is five

Grey Fox blog, which I only discovered earlier this year, is five years old today.  

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