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The dark-shadowed sweet shop of the internet – @AndrewMarr9 #Writing

An Oakeshottian* conservative’s view of the world, per Andrew Marr:

“Superabundance is foisted upon us as the only sure route to happiness. And from the dark-shadowed sweet shop of the internet to the imminent arrival of driverless cars, we prefer the untried to the tried every time.”

A thought-provoking column from Andrew Marr in yesterday’s Sunday Times. He discusses the differing extremes of conservative thought: open versus closed, Anywheres versus Somewheres, Economist versus Daily Mail.

It’s a great column, but mostly I just loved that phrase, the”dark-shadowed sweet shop of the internet”.

The column is here (registration required).

* “Oakeshottian” from Michael Oakeshott.

Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr


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