Children’s Word of the Year from 500 Words competition #Writing

The 500 Words children’s writing competition is in its seventh year. This year it attracted 131.798 entries.

In the car the other morning, I heard Oxford University Press’s Vineeta Gupta talking about the Children’s Word of the Year and kids’ evolving use of language. In the clip, here, she’s talking to the competition’s originator Chris Evans.

The Word of the Year is “Trump”, but more interesting is the use of language and how the everyday (polls, executive orders, etc.) seep into childrens’ consciousnesses and into their creativity. Trumptastic!

Clips from the Final, with readers including Sir Derek Jacobi, David Suchet, Jenny Agutter and David Walliams, are here.

The Times has an article on it, here.

Oxford Dictionaries has a blog post, here, with this infographic



The word for 2016 was “Refugee”.

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