Richard Thaler, Nudge and the Nobel prize for economics #Writing #ContentMarketing

Richard Thaler, one of the founders of behavioural economics, is the winner of this year’s Nobel Prize for Economics.

As co-author (with Cass Sunstein) of the book Nudge, Thaler has had a huge impact on the field of influence whether in government (the UK government, under David Cameron, established the Behavioural Insights team in 2010) or in marketing.

The book is essential reading for anyone who needs to persuade anyone else to do anything at all. Eating more healthily, saving energy, paying road tax, donating organs…

As the classic rule doesn’t say: “Nudge, don’t Tell.”

Just for info, the Behavioural Insights Team is now independent. Their site is here.

Thaler’s profie on Wikipedia is here.


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