Don’t say that!! – An official guide to profanity

The Inky Fool points us to telecom regulator Ofcom’s official, Quick Reference Guide to offensive language and gestures.

It’s a strangely compelling, rather British, bureaucratic wonder…

  • Ginger – Mild language, generally of little concern. Typically viewed as a humorous insult, however more
    aggression or specific intent to hurt heightens impact.
  • God – Mild language, generally of little concern when used to express emotion. A concern for older or more
    religiously sensitive participants when used as an obscenity. Some recognition that this may offend
    religious people.
  • Jock – Mild language, generally of little concern. Seen as an informal and humorous term. Scottish
    participants not offended.

However, it doesn’t include actual definitions. You need another browser tab (in Incognito mode) for that.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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