Trust and the attention asset – @thisisseth

Here’s a great post on trust and the “attention asset” from Seth Godin. A few simple principles:If you’re not measuring attention in dollars and cents, you don’t know what it’s worth.If you’re treating everyone the same, you’re wasting attention.If you’re burning trust to get more attention or more action, you’ve wasted both of them. … […]

Where do stories come from?

We know that stories work at a physiological level; our bodies respond to stories as if we were actually experiencing the events for real. In turn, and importantly, this means we can learn from them, as from a real experience, but with lower risk and in less time. That suggests that, like domestic animals,  stories […]

Philip Pullman on storytelling

Via the Hammock Papers comes this YouTube video of Philip Pullman delivering the 2018 Annual Lecture of the Blake Society. It’s well worth a watch and, if anything, I found the Q&A more interesting than the talk itself. Points of interest include this, on critics: [27:38] – “There’s something a bit creepy about reviewers who […]

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