Use content marketing for human connection

Neuromarketing meets Content Marketing

Marketing, especially content marketing, should be all about people, connection and psychology, right?

This article from describes four neuromarketing strategies intended to improve the effect of content marketing campaigns:

  • Incorporate a Human Component
  • Leverage the “Scarcity Effect”
  • Press the Pain Buttons
  • Work with Colours to Provoke Emotion.

That’s four wide-ranging tactics, but the first made me realise how often, and how easily, marketers eliminate the human dimension.

Every time you reduce a customer story to a set of Challenge / Solution / Benefit bullet-points, you lose the human dimension.

Every time you let Marketing or PR manufacture a customer “quote”, you lose human authenticity.

Read the full article, from Higher Visibility’s Adam Heitzman, here.

More musings on neuromarketing, here.

Photo by 🐣 Luca Iaconelli 🦊 on Unsplash

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