Footnotes as foot soldiers #contentmarketing

… in the disinformation wars.

Here’s an interesting take on the power of a well-deployed footnote…

More than ever, we need what this tool provides: accountability and transparency. “Fiddling with footnotes” is the kind of hygienic practice that our era of information pollution needs — and needs to be shared as widely as possible. Footnotes are for everyone. …

It’s the principle and the function behind [this] reference tool that’s so essential. It allows us to weigh evidence against assertion. A footnote reveals the load-bearing structure of a piece of writing, whether it is scientific research, historical analysis or a legal finding.

From the Washington Post, the article (by Karin Wulf) argues the value of the footnote as a weapon against disinformation in our post-truth world.

It’s just possibly a little overblown, but I do love a good footnote (or, indeed, endnote). When writing commercially, they underpin your argument with unobtrusive fact and citation, lending credibility even when, I suspect, they’re seldom read, the links rarely followed.

All hail the humble footnote – foot soldier of truth!

The full Washington Post article is here.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


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