Prague's Franz Kafka International Named World's Most Alienating Airport

I enjoyed this … (other than the strangely stereotyped Teutonic check-in official). Prague’s Franz Kafka International Named World’s Most Alienating Airport | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source Technorati Tags: The Onion,Franz Kafka

Back Home

  All over so soon.  Just back from a wonderful two weeks on Lake Garda.  We stayed right at the north end of the lake, in Riva del Garda, which is very beautiful.  The northern end of the lake is relatively narrow and very deep with the mountains plunging straight down into the lake.  In […]

Will Be Here soon…  Pizza, caffe, vino, pasta…and what scenery.  I can’t wait.   Technorati Tags: Italy,Travel,Lake Garda

Ads Which are Too Great?

Over on his blog, Geek In Disguise, Steve Clayton has been running a series on Great Ads and I really liked this one.  However, I also found myself feeling a bit "cheated" when I realised what it was for.  I’m not sure why, the brand is a well known and respectable luxury brand, but somehow […]

Lessons Learned…

Always carry a paper copy of your ticket else the man with the big gun may not let you in the airport.  e-Tickets don’t cut it. Always have battery life in your lap-top else the man with the big desk may not find your booking and may not give you a bit of paper to […]


Learning from my failure to write up my trip to Kenya, here are short, initial observations on Karachi: Guns – I have never seen so many weapons.  All in the hands of police but big guns nonetheless: pump action shotguns, AK47 look-a-likes and chunky, mounted machine guns in concrete pill-boxes at the airport and embassies. […]


Why? I’m in Orlando right now – but it’s the same in Dubai or Singapore – and I’m wearing a jacket.  I need to take it off when I’m outdoors because of the baking (or steaming) heat but I need it to go indoors because of the ferocious air-con.  How does that work?  What is […]

Magic Carpet

Here it is… … the beautiful byproduct of my recent expedition to Sultanahmet. The Carpet Cafe is maybe halfway down the steep slope from the Blue Mosque and after an enjoyable half hour (an hour?) of education, apple tea and haggling I came away with this Anatolian carpet of silk on a cotton base.  The detail of […]

A Real Home from Home

That I’m writing this on yet another plane makes this all the more heart-felt; I really love this concept.  I had lunch with friend and ex-colleague, Jon Hughes recently and he rather proudly showed me this recent addition to his home.  Jon and Sarah are lucky enough to live in a secluded old farmhouse set in […]


I find Istanbul fascinating and it’s one of those cities which – having been there on business four or five times now – I have always wanted to return to for some leisure and exploring time. It’s a city of contrasts, contradictions and chaos. It’s not really European but it’s not really Asian either. My […]

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