Yes, beautiful bonsai planter

From designer Adrian Magu, via, this very beautiful, elegant bonsai planter, named kasokudo: I can’t help wondering if he listened to a lot of Yes …

Echoes through time: Eternity is in love…

“Eternity is in love with the creations of time.” William Blake (1793). The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Note: Bartleby and various other sources quote this as “the productions of time”.  I suspect that may be the more correct version, but I first read the above in Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art and “creations” resonates […]

Echoes through time: Good prose is like a window pane

“one can write nothing readable unless one constantly struggles to efface one’s own personality.  Good prose is like a window pane.” George Orwell (1946), Why I Write  

Live, work, play in Hampshire

I finally made it to the Live Work Play Exhibition in Winchester. Organised by the RIBA in Hampshire, it is an exhibition of work by the county’s architects both locally and internationally. The buildings range from bridges to embassies and from small extensions to vast new-build mansions. Details I recall in particular include a floating […]

Amazing staircase by Oscar Niemeyer

Isn’t this simply, elegantly beautiful? photo: todd eberle The Palace of Itamaraty, Brasilia, Oscar Niemeyer, 1970 From Exercices de Style, via Madame Scherzo

Write your white whale – @SPressfield

Inspiration for all writers, artists and dreamers from Steven Pressfield. Sometimes he gets it so right, it sends a shiver down my spine. “Each incarnation is an apprenticeship, if you live it that way.”

Boardroom aspiration?

Tischgesellschaft’ / Company at the Table – 1998 art installation by Katharina Fritsch. Via the very visual Hovercraftdoggy, here.

Make real art in the real world… #writing

I love this post from HELLO, my name is Blog! (via Nicholas Bate)… “What counts as work these days? Conceptualizing our next big idea, taking productivity seminars and going to the coffee shop to organize all of our material? That’s not work, that’s hiding.” Read the rest, here. I think this works for start-ups, and sovereign professionals […]

The illustrated alphabet of architects…

The alphabet was designed by Federico Babina and the full alphabet is featured on, here.

Reflections on Majesty

From Apricots and Apples, via Madame Scherzo

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