Evidence in a post-truth world? #contentmarketing

Are proof-points passé in a post-truth world? On the contrary, they are more important than ever. In a world of Putin, Trump and the Brexit campaign, it’s tempting to think that evidence simply doesn’t matter anymore. Can’t you just say anything you like, as long as you repeat it loudly and persistently? Here are two […]

The stories I’m told

I love my work. A large part of what I do is story-telling, and when those stories are customer case studies, I get to talk to my clients’ customers about their businesses, their challenges and their passions. Some of those are not my tales to tell here. They involve the use of clients’ products or […]

I’ve been away…

… and now I’m back. It’s so easy to slip out of the habit. Work got very busy – always a good thing – and then Christmas and then more busy-ness. And ,then it was nearly a whole year. Work is still busy but the itch got too big to ignore, so I’ve tentatively dipped […]

Burning Pine Web Refresh

I am embarking on a refresh of my web-site.  I have just finished updating the words but I also want to update the images – especially those rather dated head-shots – and (probably) re-platform the whole thing. My ideal, of course, would be to bring the site (https://burningpine.com) and this blog (http://burningpine.wordpress.com) together but that […]

Fresh Ideas

I am indebted to Bruce Lynn for a unique interpretation of the Burning Pine concept and logo.  Bruce is General Manager for Red Bee Piero who lead the field in “3D analysis technology for televised sporting events”; very cool software.  We know each other from when we worked together at Microsoft but between those roles, […]

Burning Pine

The name change is official and henceforth my company will be known as Burning Pine Ltd (rather than Andrew Munro Associates Ltd). Why Burning Pine? The image formed before the words. A wind-carved Japanese Black Pine, tenacious, timeless but vital, touched by a jagged finger of lightning. There is something wonderfully timeless about trees, amongst […]

Burning Pine

More coming soon, but I wanted to say that I just love this image.  It’s a rough draft and I should have the final version very soon…

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