The neuroscience of story #writing

Here’s an interesting piece on the neuroscience of storytelling, from Melcrum. The difference between story and dry facts lies essentially in the different associations that story creates, activating different parts of the brain. Worth a read.

Pfeffer on Power

I loved Jeffrey Pfeffer’s 2010 book Power: Why Some People Have It – and Others Don’t. Here’s an overview of Pfeffer’s work (from Theodore Kinni), along with a five minute video of him talking about Power.  

Echoes through time: what guides the actions of the wise

“Observe carefully what guides the actions of the wise, and what they shun or seek.” Marcus Aurelius (AD 120 – 180), Meditations

Certainty is a tool of persuasion – @HarvardBiz #writing

It is not stated beliefs that drive action, but the certainty with which those beliefs are held. In September’s Harvard Business Review, Zakary Tormala and Derek Rucker outline the finding of their research and suggest how these can be applied. They find four levers that can be used to improve certainty: consensus repetition ease defence […]

Does choice of font matter?

Yes, it does. Bloomberg asked three typography wonks about the best font for that most personal and precious of documents, the curriculum vitae (CV), or resume. Interesting stuff.  Helvetica is the winner.  No surprise to see Comic Sans as a clear no-no. Does it matter?  It would be very easy to dismiss the Helvetica vs. […]

6 Principles of Persuasion #writing

This is a great animated summary of Robert Cialdini’s work on Influence and Persuasion.  It’s narrated by Cialdini himself and Steve Martin. Great stuff to consider as you craft your next piece of writing … or negotiate your next project.  

The right word – @execupundit

Michael Wade offers sage advice on the importance of word, pace and tone.  Note the warning!  

Be Bold 101 – Nicholas Bate

For fans of Nicholas Bate – or those in need of a perky reminder – James Tomalin has turned the Be Bold 101 mini-book into a mini-movie… Definitely worth five minutes of your time.

Words: less is more

(or perhaps that should be “fewer are more”) At the weekend, and quite by accident, I met the Magna Carta.  We took an impromptu trip to Salisbury and thence to the cathedral which owns one of only four remaining copies of the original great charter of 1215 (I now know). What struck me most about this […]

The power of proof-points – @rogerdooley

Roger Dooley of Neuromarketing points to a tiny change that has dramatic effects. “Then, the experimenters added one element: a chart that displayed the same data. This small change caused the percentage of readers who believed the drug to be effective to leap from 67.7% without the chart to an amazing 96.6% with the chart.” […]

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