Beware … the itch of wasted years –

Great insight for Sovereign Professionals (and wannabes) from Gaping Void’s Hugh Macleod.

Further Inspiration…

… for our New Year ruminations; a great cartoon from Gaping Void’s Hugh MacLeod.

Further Inspiration…

… for our New Year ruminations; a great cartoon from Gaping Void’s Hugh MacLeod.

You are not the bell curve – @GapingVoid

I love this cartoon from Hugh MacLeod at Gaping Void… It speaks volumes.  Too often, we make decisions based on what the average person does, what “most people” do.  You are not the bell curve. You are not “most people” and there is always room for someone who is passionate, committed and exceptional at what […]

Listening to Joseph Campbell – @Gapingvoid

Sometimes Hugh MacLeod’s work just hits the nail on the head. Between Jung and the current interest in story-telling structures (see here, here and here) sits Joseph Campbell. Technorati Tags: Gaping Void,Hugh MacLeod,Writing,Joseph Campbell,Carl Jung,Storytelling.

And What Do You Do?

Anyone with an interest in portfolio careers or in simply starting out on their own should read this essential handbook and compendium for work beyond the traditional confines of the full-time, organisational career.  Barrie Hopson and Katie Ledger’s excellent book opens with an overview of today’s world of work (“There Is Another Way”) before taking […]

The Best at What You Do?

I love the sentiment in Hugh MacLeod’s cartoon… … which gets to the heart of what everyone needs to address, not only those pursuing an independent path as a sovereign individual or in a portfolio career.  We all need to build and play to our unique strengths.  And we all need to find work which […]

“Easily Turn-Off-and-On-Able”

Sage words from Frank the Tortoise in the first of the classic Creature Comfort ads in the YouTube link here (but the others are worth enjoying too)…   It’s a slogan which should be adopted by the interim management industry.  It perfectly encapsulates why interim management is becoming ever more popular both with employers and […]

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