Beautiful blend of old and new architecture

Contemporist features the Kooyong House in Melbourne, Australia.  It’s designed by Matt Gibson Architecture and I love the blend of original Victorian and modern architecture, as shown in the doors here…

For cultivators of ideas…

From Book Mania!, via Nicholas Bate, home libraries, bookshelves and reading havens to make your mouth water. I admit the wolf-skins gave me pause for thought but this one is heaven: “Interior designer Matthew White’s library gallery, located in the upper level of his living room. (Photo by Art Gray)”. Digging a bit deeper, this seems […]

Reflections on Majesty

From Apricots and Apples, via Madame Scherzo

A thousand images… #writing

From Eclecticity Light…

Boxy but Beautiful Buildings

If you love contemporary architecture then Contemporist is for you… …and some not so boxy:   Technorati Tags:,architecture

Face –

A beautiful image from… Serendipity or careful placing? Technorati Tags:,art,photography,leaf,lips

Autumn Leaves – Simply Beautiful

Kurt at Cultural Offering finds an elegant autumn colour wheel…   Technorati Tags: Autimn Leaves,Cultural Offering,Kurt Harden,Things Organised Neatly

Macchu Picchu – Patrick Latter

Another fantastic image from Canadian photographer, Patrick Latter.  This place is high on my To Do / To See list.  You can order copies of the print from Patrick’s site… Technorati Tags: Patrick Latter,Macchu Picchu,Photography

A Drop of Music – Patrick Latter

A beautifully creative photograph by Patrick Latter… … I was just mildly disappointed to find that it wasn’t The Rain Song. Technorati Tags: Patrick Latter,Photography

Spectacular Images – Patrick Latter

Some beautiful photography of Canadian landscapes and wildlife from Patrick Latter. By coincidence, the images go well with Thomas Blug. Technorati Tags: Patrick Latter,Canadian Hiking Photography,Thomas Blug

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