The Coming of the Dragons

The Coming of Dragons: The Darkest Age: No. 1 (Darkest Age)I’m not often moved to write about James’ bedtime stories but The Coming of Dragons is a great book.  We’ve just started it (up to Chapter 4) and what strikes me is the fabulous language; so richly descriptive and evocative.  The book’s web-site includes an extract:

"Black. Then blinding white. White like split bone.

Then the wind hit. There was a sound of crashing timber like ten thousand falling trees, and the trading ship Spearwa stood end-up in the waves.

But it was the lightning that had done the damage. The mast was riven from top to bottom and the sail bent towards the deck like a furled swan’s wing, pale in the darkness, bowing to its knees."

Fantastic stuff for eight year olds and Dads alike.  Great find by Janet.


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