Precautionary Insanity

There comes a point when the plethora of bland warnings become meaningless.  Are nut allergy warnings on absolutely everything really useful to people who suffer from nut allergies?

Two recent insanities I encountered…

The cats having shredded the last scratching post and rediscovered the glorious sensation of de-piling rugs, I ventured out for a replacement.  The Willow brand of very attractive, all natural cat scratching post offers the following warning,

“Pets should be supervised at all times when playing on this equipment.”


I was shopping for underwear for James today and a multi-pack of briefs caught my eye, sized for 2-3 year olds, it carried this warning:

“Warning:  Small parts.”


“Unsuitable for children under 36 months.”

Debenhams’ directors can sleep easier knowing they cannot now be sued by distraught parents whose infant unwittingly ingested his underpants.

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