The landline

When you’ve forgotten your door keys, and the batteries in the doorbell are flat, and your teenage son can’t hear the door knocker, and he keeps his mobile on silent when he’s asleep, then a good, old-fashioned, landline phone is essential.   Photo on

Beautiful image – @ToddDiemer

Just because. I was searching for something else on my favourite image site,, and I came across this beautiful image by photographer Todd Diemer. I thought it was too good not to share. Photo by Todd Diemer on Unsplash  

The power of A/B testing – @HBR

The power of properly constructed online experiments is explored in September-October’s Harvard Business Review. Microsoft’s Ron Kovani and Harvard’s Stefan Thomke include some powerful examples of results achieved as well as cautionary tales on the dangers of poorly constructed tests and misinterpreted results. Highlights include: How a subtle change to online text colours (against the […]

Visions of Earth – @NatGeo

A breath-taking collection of images from National Geographic. My favourites include the raccoon ambush, the butterflies, the polar bear, frosty trees and red fox. How many favourites am I allowed? Images: National Geographic This post also appeared on

Abandoned buildings

There’s something wonderfully evocative about abandoned buildings. The Mind Circle has 22 outstanding images, including this one: Image: @carlos_santero

Being there – Nicholas Bate

A jagged reminder from Nicholas Bate: “You may be in the meeting room/on the conference call/in the gym/reading bed-time stories, spatially and physically. But are you there mentally?” Catch more jagged thoughts here, daily.   Photo by Adi Constantin on Unsplash

10 truths about life – @ideas

A neat summary from Lachlan Brown on Ideapod: These 10 brutal truths about life will help you get your shit together. There’s a lot of Stoic thinking in these: 2. What other people think about you really doesn’t matter. 3. We don’t have much control. 9. Worrying is useless. Read the full list and detail, […]

The true doctrine of self-reliance, self-help and self-mastery

The ever rich and varied Hammock Papers has this great quotation from Theodore Roosevelt: Something can be done by good laws; more can be done by honest administration of the laws; but most of all can be done by frowning resolutely upon the preachers of vague discontent; and by upholding the true doctrine of self-reliance, […]

Trees. Awesome.

There is something truly awesome – in the true sense of the word – about trees that have stood for hundreds or even thousands of years. Thousands! Can you imagine? Before Rome, before the pyramids, before the internet. The BBC has a piece on the oldest living things on earth, including trees 5,000 years old: […]

Hungarian Soul – curator of beautiful images

After a long break, Hungarian Soul is back: Mostly a collection of beautiful images from across the web… Worth a visit just for these, but if further incentive is needed, Mr Hungarian is on a Deep Purple roll.

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