Layman, Rhone and Confucius

Steve Layman quotes Patrick Rhone from his new book, Enough:

 “If one treats the space where they work as sacred then, in kind, all of the items in that space should be there to support the purpose at hand…

…Determine those times and spaces that are sacred to you.  Only allow items and tasks within to support the intentions and actions to be practices, and eschew anything that does not.”

Read Steve’s full extract, here. It feels like another book for the Must Buy list (which is currently log-jammed by the Must Read shelf).

I thought the extract was channelling a little Confucius, with its ritual-like focus on purpose and the sacredness of the everyday.

I knew nothing of Confucius until a couple of weeks ago, when I stumbled across the BBC series Genius of the Ancient World; three programmes on Socrates, Buddha and Confucius. A fantastic opportunity for a bit of binge-learning via the BBC iPlayer.

I don’t know if these links work outside the UK, but:

  • The BBC iPlayer link is here
  • The programme webpage is here
  • An associated Open University website (with information and a free course in philosphy) is here


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