Meniere’s Disease Awareness Week

I had a fascinating day yesterday, attending the annual conference of the Ménière’s Society, the largest charity in the UK dedicated to supporting those with dizziness and balance problems.  Their name comes from Ménière’s Disease which is at the heart of the

Ménière's Society logo

charity’s work and which feels exactly like this:

Ménière’s affects about 0.05% of the population and currently neither its cause nor a cure are understood.  As well as supporting sufferers and their families, the Society funds research into the the disease.  I was impressed by a number of individuals who are dedicated to understanding the condition and whose research is helping to develop new tests to diagnose the disease (which can currently be done only by elimination, or autopsy  – which is less than helpful) and to further understanding its possible causes.

Famous sufferers of the disease include the astronaut Alan Shepard who, following surgery for the condition, flew to the moon on Apollo 14, Jonathan Swift and Guy Kawasaki along with, possibly, Marilyn Monroe and Julius Caesar.

Anyway, this is Ménière’s Awareness Week so watch the press for any coverage and, should you feel minded to support, join or donate, please visit the site, here.

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