Short-sleeved shirts, spawn of the devil… @StJamesStyle

As the heat-wave finally looks to break across the UK, ST James Style explains what I always suspected

“There might be a place for short-sleeved shirts but, if there is, I’ve yet to be convinced of it and it certainly isn’t in this country, even on the rare day when the temperature reaches the giddy heights of 30C. They make grown men look like schoolboys, or postmen, which is rarely a good look. Besides, if you wear it with a tie you can never never take your jacket off and, if you wear it with a jacket, you won’t show any cuff which, on a jacket with sleeves of a suitable length is bound to look a little strange.

So no. Avoid short-sleeved shirts like the plague.”

Also, pithy advice on headgear and suits.

Especially useful stuff for sovereign professionals, who always need to look professional in the presence of their clients.  Clothes, as they say, maketh the man (or woman).

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