Recalling pleasures – @execupundit

Here’s an evocative list from Execupundit

“Hard work followed by relaxation. A cool drink. A well-written sentence. An original insight about something you’ve seen a thousand times. A call from an old friend. The sound of a loved but forgotten song. The sky at morning and evening. A good dictionary. … The precision of French. The bubbling of Spanish. …Pumpkin pie. The beast-like growl of a Harley…”

The full list, here.

I can agree with much of the list.  What would I add to mine:

  • the bark of a Stratocaster just over-driving a Fender valve amp
  • a glass of peppery, spicy, vanilla old rioja
  • the wind in the trees
  • dinner with good friends
  • silence
  • shooting stars.

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