I’ve been away…

… and now I’m back.

It’s so easy to slip out of the habit. Work got very busy – always a good thing – and then Christmas and then more busy-ness. And ,then it was nearly a whole year.

Work is still busy but the itch got too big to ignore, so I’ve tentatively dipped my toe back into the blogging waters.

It’s humbling to receive nudges, concerns and encouragement from bloggers I admire so much. Many heartfelt thanks go out to:

… and many others, too. I wasn’t writing, but I was reading.

It’s also a little daunting, having spent a quiet near-year enjoying consistent, thought provoking and enjoyable observation, to consider whether I can make a worthwhile contribution. I’m going to give it another shot.


I have a couple of platform changes coming along. The first will be to unite this blog with a new Burning Pine website (currently in development). I’m hoping to get that live by the end of this month and will use a re-direct on this URL so that I don’t lose any patient readers I may have left.

The second change is still on the drawing board. More soon.

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